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Fund new skills

Fund new skills

Recognition of contributions to employers who have signed collective agreements by 30/06/2021 for the reshaping of working time in order to organize paths of development of the skills of workers.

Target group: Employers

that they have signed collective agreements by 30/06/2021;
that they are in compliance with the DURC.

Budget: EUR 730 MILLION

Deadline: Applications can be submitted by 30 June 2021.

What it finances: The FNC reimburses the cost, including social security and welfare contributions, of reduced working hours allocated to the frequency of skills development paths by workers. For each employee will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 250 hours of training.

Collective agreement:

Collective agreements for the reshaping of working time signed at company or territorial level by the associations of employers and workers comparatively more representative at national level, or by their trade union representatives operating in the company.

Must be subscribed by 30/06/2021
They must provide training projects aimed at the development of skills with indication of:
number of workers involved in the intervention
number of working hours to be allocated to training courses
demonstration of technical, physical and professional training skills (in the case of provision of training by the enterprise itself)
limit of 250 hours per employee for training
identify the employer’s needs in terms of new or increased skills as a result of the introduction of organisational, technological, process or product innovations in response to the changed production needs of the enterprise;
may provide for the development of skills aimed at increasing the employability of workers, also with a view to promoting relocation processes in other working situations.

Training project for the project:

The project shall demonstrate:

how to exploit the assets of skills owned by the worker
the ways of customizing learning paths, based on the incoming evaluation

the procedures for transparency and certification of acquired competences

Submission of the application:

ANNEX 1.A (Form A)
ANNEX 2: The list of workers involved, indicating for each of them the level of the contract and the number of hours of reduction in working time to be allocated to skills development pathways
collective agreement
training project
any delegation

The instance can be sent via PEC to the or through an application with which you will need to access with SPID (not yet active).

Courses: The courses must be completed within 90 days from the approval of the application. And cash return by 31/12/2021.


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