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School Contest

A world of training dedicated to teachers and to those who want to become one. Discover all our courses, masters delivered Online and all our projects regarding the “Contest for Teachers 2021”.

The 24 CFU course for teaching aims to provide the credits needed to become a teacher in anticipation of the next Teachers Contest.
Object of study of the Online teaching modules

  • Pedagogy, special pedagogy and didactics of inclusion
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology
  • Didactic methodologies and technologies

Get ready to take on the “School 2021” teachers contest and reach your goal. The “Online Preparation Courses for the Teachers Contest” are best structured to provide all the notions and skills necessary to master and confidently face the competition tests.

Advanced courses, qualification and Masters in online mode.
High quality standards

All courses are recognized by the MIUR.
Lessons and teaching materials always available.
Constant tutoring and assistance.

B.E.S. stands for Special Educational Needs and indicates those subjects who need a particular dedication in the school environment. This need is often dictated by a social and cultural disadvantage, by specific learning disorders and / or developmental disorders, and / or by cultural diversity linked to ethnicity. The master is aimed at teachers, school managers, freelancers and any other professional who has to work in contact with people with special educational needs.

The acquired qualification allows professional updating and can be evaluated for the purposes of updating the score in the rankings of the teaching staff of the Italian School.

In particular:

• Ranking and exhaustion

• Club and school ranking

• Mobility and transfers

• Last competition for school leaders

• Provincial rankings for substitutes

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